Basic Python for Beginners

In this course begin your programming journey by learning Python

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Welcome to Basic Python Programming for Beginners!
My name is Matthew Dewey, lead programmer at Programming Tut. I am an experienced programmer, having received several accommodations on programming in my formal education as well as taught several programming languages to thousands of students. My goal is to provide you, the budding programmer, the the knowledge you need on programming in a fun and easy manner. In this course I do just that with the Python programming language.
Python, a wonderfully simple programming language that has encouraged many programmers to pursue careers involving programming over any other language. Of course, it goes without saying that Python is an excellent language, but do you know what is required of you to start programming Python?
As with any programming language it is important you understand the fundamentals and that is exactly what I teach you in this course.
I help you:
  • Install your software, Anaconda
  • Establish fundamental code
  • Create and use variables
  • Retrieve user input
  • Process simple data
  • as well as BONUS methods and code!
Go no further if you're looking for the course that will guide you into the world of programming! With my course I can guarantee that the knowledge you learn will help you get a head-start in Python programming. I hope you enjoy the course and it helps you on your way into the world of programming!
"Programming is a form of art. It is logical creativity!"

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Programming Support
What is Python?
Software Download and Installation
Software Tour and Project Creation
First Line of Code and Text Shortcuts
Variables and Data Types
Math Functions and Variables
Retrieving User Input
The If Statement
Additional Operators and Nested If Statements
Basic Text Methods
Basic Math Methods
Data Type Converstion
The While Loop
The For Loop
Project Discussion
Project Answer

Matthew Dewey


Lead Programming Instructor for Programming Tut