Eclipse | The Basic Java Programming Course

A simple and easy to understand course on Java programming using the IDE, Eclipse

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Having used many different programming languages in my life I found Java the most basic and rewarding. Therefore it is the ideal choice for any beginner programmer ready to join the growing computer industry. This course contains the valuable core fundamentals you will need to know before becoming an advanced programmer, teaching you the simplest of basics and touching upon more advanced concepts.
The course will require the use of the Eclipse IDE which is explained in a video and a tutorial on how to download the program. The program is free. Eclipse was chosen because it offered a clean and useful IDE for programming. These two factors are essential for easy learning when it comes to learning a new programming language.
Java is an excellent programming language and you will find by learning Java other languages are very similar and your experience with Java will help you learn more than one language if the need be. Java is easy to learn and abundantly useful for any programmer.
Intended Audience: This course is intended for students with little to no prior knowledge of Java programming and/or Eclipse, students, programmers, coders

Course Curriculum

01 - Introduction
02 - Installing
03 - Your First Line of Code
04 - String and Integer Variables
05 - Math with Integer Variables
06 - If Statements
07 - And, Or and Nested If Statements
08 - The While Loop
09 - The For Loop
10 - User Input through Input Dialogs
11 - String and Integer Parsing
12 - Char Variable and Parsing
13 - Double Variable and Parsing
14 - Project Explanation
15 - Project Answer
16 - Conclusion

Matthew Dewey


Lead Programming Instructor for Programming Tut