NetBeans | The Advanced Java Programming Course

The simple course on advanced Java programming with the IDE, NetBeans.

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In this course you will learn many advanced Java programming techniques. Knowledge of many methods and functions is what separates the average programmer from a professional. I teach you these important methods and much more, from scanning documents to processing data. I finally end off the course by teaching you the important skill of Object Orientated Programming or OOP, where you create your own classes containing your own objects and methods.
Intended Audience: This course is intended for students who have some basic experience with Java programming and the NetBeans IDE.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Section 1: Introduction
Section 1: toUpperCase
Section 2: toLowerCase
Section 1: isLetter
Section 1: isDigit
Section 1: isWhiteSpace
Section 1: Length
Section 1: compareTo
Section 1: Project Discussion
Section 1: Project Answer
Section 1: Conclusion
Section 2: Introduction
Section 2: Substring Introduction
Section 2: Substring Practice
Section 2: indexOf Introduction
Section 2: indexOf Practice
Section 2: Project Discussion
Section 2: Project Answer
Section 2: Concusion
Section 3: Introduction
Section 3: Scanner Introduction
Section 3: Scanner Practice
Section 3: Changing Delimiters and Solving Basic Error
Section 3: Reading Text Files with a Scanner Introduction
Section 3: Text File Preparation
Section 3: File Reading Practice
Section 3: Writing to a Text File Introduction
Section 3: Writing to a Text File Practice
Section 3: The Try and Catch Statement
Section 3: Project Discussion
Section 3: Project Answer
Section 3: Conclusion
Section 4: Introduction
Section 4: Arrays Introduction
Section 4: One-Dimensional Array Practice
Section 4: Two-Dimensional Array Practice
Section 4: Split Introduction
Section 4: Split and Array Practice
Section 4: Project Discussion
Section 4: Project Answer
Section 4: Conclusion
Section 5: Introduction
Section 5: Classes Introduction
Section 5: Void Classes
Section 5: Typed Classes
Section 5: Private Variables
Section 5: Scanner Method Creation
Section 5: OOP Practice
Section 5: Project Discussion
Section 5: Project Answer
Section 5: Course Conclusion

Matthew Dewey


Lead Programming Instructor for Programming Tut